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New road system – restricted traffic zone

Since 2010 Moena, the Fairy of the Dolomites, has had a new look: thanks to a new ring road our town is now inhabitable, safe and peaceful; our car-free piazzas have been turned into large pedestrian areas.

USEFUL INFORMATION:Note that unauthorised vehicles (we remind you that the red “non-resident” pass is not authorised) that cross the n. 1 Moena Nord Strada de Ciamadoi entrance will be automatically penalised.

Therefore the only way to access the town centre from our lodging is through the tunnel. On leaving the square turn right and follow the road towards the tunnel (200 m approx.)

The red pass (1 per apartment) is only valid according to the hours and stipulations established by order of the union (entrance to South Moena). Between 10-12am and 5-7pm the main squares are closed even to those with passes.
The pass must be returned at the end of your stay.
Ciasa Lino Defrancesco · Olga Fenti in Defrancesco · Pontea de Mandra, 2 · 38035 Moena (TN)
Tel. +39 0462 573318 · Cell. +39 334 8169676 · · Cod. Fiscale FNT LGO 50M43 A757 F